"...the top individual in the market on Facebook in traffic anchor Jenny Milkowski, who had a 1.83 SHARE on the platform and generated more than 532,000 Engagements."

"On Instagram, WFLD had a 15.1 SHARE as a group with more than half of that coming from Milkowski. She had an 8.41 SHARE by herself on Instagram and generated more than 169,000 Engagements (a +171% improvement from Q3), which is particularly impressive considering she has a bit more than 11,000 followers on her account."




FACEBOOK: 140,000 followers


TWITTER: 9,400


YOUTUBE: 2,112 subscribers

YOUTUBE: 1,066,631 views

II am also the leader of digital content at CBS and The CW in San Diego. Please see LINKEDIN for details.


I love interacting with my viewers and I crave creating content.


I started doing Facebook LIVE feature segments as soon as the option was available. I cover entertainment, fitness, relationships, restaurants, nightlife, charities, animals, breaking news and much more! I built my following by showcasing the community and engaging with those who choose to spend time on my social sites. I've produced my own branded segments including a workout series called Milk Muscle and a Polish Lesson of the Day video. 

I have even self-produced an actual LIVE "milk-cast". Check it out.